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"Dear Dr. Unger,

I am writing to thank you for the valuable experience I had shadowing you in 2012-2013. I also want to thank you for the wonderful letter of recommendation you gave me to assist with my medical school applications. I will be attending NYU School of Medicine this fall, and I know I would never have had this opportunity if it were not for you." 

LIzbeth Hu

"Dr. Unger, 

Friday the 15th, I am graduating from Georgetown University with my Master's in Physiology and Biophysics. Thank you for putting me on the path towards medicine. It was in your office that I first thought that I wanted to go to medical school. Without your recommendation, I would not be graduating from Georgetown. I just wanted you to know that working in your office, and being mentored by you really changed my life. Again, thank you for supporting me and leading me towards medicine." 

Amber Marsh

" Working with Dr. Unger is a great way to get front line experience in the medical field. We are able to work alongside Dr. Unger with patients and gain a better understanding of internal medicine. This professional work environment exposes us to different patient cases, diagnostics and procedure.  In addition to patient interactions, we get a hands on approach to the way a Doctors office functions. As a Pre-Med student interning here has given us great insight into possible medical careers. "

                                                      Fabio Recine and Alex Goldberg

                                                        Pre Med Students 2013

Getting Started

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What to expect

A diversified medical staff combined with a single doctor allows for more fluid organization and a healthy learning enviroment.

  • Flexible Schedules
  • One on one teaching philosophy
  • Location in the Washington Metropolitan DC Area, Northern Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland
  • A spectrum of medical problems and cases
  • Real-time analysis of patient diagnostics
  • Proximity to the National Institutes of Health, the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences

Medical and pre-medical students

Dr. Unger offers a comprehensive opportunity for students looking for hands- on medical experience in the healthcare industry. This front line practice is a realistic place for students to become integrated into the medical field. Dr. Unger's teaching philosophy and one on one  style help facilitate the individual needs of students. Dr. Unger is also an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

"Dr. Unger,

Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I have learned so much about practicing medicine, conducting research and interacting with patients. It has been very encouraging to shadow someone who is passionate about his work and so clearly cares about his patients."

Kathryn​ Cote 

" I worked with Dr. Unger as a teenager. He inspired me to become a doctor. A  great  teacher and  mentor to  this day."

                                                        Julio E. Vaquerano, MD

                                                       Surgeon, San Francisco, CA
Pre Med Student 1987

"My experience in your office has been invaluable to me; simple things like knowing how to read lab results and basic knowledge of some reference ranges have been surprisingly helpful in classes like physiology. Perhaps more importantly, having an awareness of the multifaceted issues with which patients struggle makes it easier to see how different pathologies fit into the broader context of quality of life and knowledge of how the different organizations involved in providing medical care, coverage and support interact has been extremely important to understanding how various parts of the system can present challenges to quality care."

Erik Li